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Cadillac CTS-V 2014

33319 miles

Gateway classic cars of Nashville is proud to digitally display this 2014 Cadillac CTS-V. Years ago Cadillac turned a corner and the flow of large luxury cars slowed to a trickle as they brought out their new line. The CTS coupe shares body lines with a stealth fighter, which leads me to wonder, is it not seen on radar? This could be helpful. Looking sinister in gloss black and tinted windows this CTS-V is a looker. C when Cadillac made this change they proclaimed that the final product was “not your grandfather’s Cadillac” then the sharp guys at R&D wondered, why not an LS V8? Then of course they had to take it to the next level with a supercharger and life was good. Then the aftermarket got involved and life was GREAT! This CTS-V has had the stage 3 kit from Dynospeed racing bolted to it which includes Aftermarket heads, different pulleys top and bottom, bigger heat exchanger, better fuel infectors, custom ground cam, long tube headers and methanol injection and a dyno tune to run on pump gas 93 oct. this adds up to 870 horsepower, which is a little better than the 1999 Deville that boasted 275 horsepower. Now in the past, performance cars where fun to drive for short periods but with little to no luxury, long trips are out of the question or at the least very uncomfortable. This 870 Horsepower CTV-S has just about every luxury item available in 2014. Heated and cooled leather seats, GPS, satellite radio and of course power windows, mirrors, seats sunroof, etc. This is indeed not your Grandfather’s Cadillac, but it could be your’s.

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