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Porsche 928 1991

36827 miles
VIN: WP0AA2929MS810433

Gateway Classic Cars of Fort Lauderdale is excited to present this sleek 1991 Porsche 928 GT in black on gray.

In the late 1970’s, Porsche set out to create a new signature sports car, in hopes of replacing the already famous 911. The 928 GT stayed in production from 1977 all the way into 1995, and it kept it’s general exterior shape the whole way through. Late production 928’s are a neat mix of styling and capability from three different decades. Many of the design choices for the 928 are rather unconventional for Porsche, and that’s really what gives this car its charm.

Most importantly, the 928 was the first car from Porsche to feature a front engine V8! Plus, two rear seats. And arguably the most iconic feature on the 928 GT are the not so hidden popup headlights. When on, the bulbs themselves pop-out, but when off they sit unexposed facing up towards the sky. Easily the most unique design of any popup headlights.

On the inside, the 928 GT is full of cool quirks. AC vents mounted on the door panels, U.S to metric gauge selection, and sun visors exclusively for the rear seats; to name a few! In essence, you can twist and pull buttons that aren’t typically twistable or pullable in regular cars. Such as the hatch release and the oddly located trip reset button. And probably the coolest design feature on the car is the hatch. As described by famous car reviewer Doug Demuro, “The 928’s crazy rear window… an oddly shaped rhombus that starts upright and somehow finishes flat in various different angles throughout”. Its pretty epic to say the least. Plenty of visibility too from the cockpit.

This 928 GT has been kept in amazing shape. The black paint is real clean, and suits the car very well. The light grey interior is nothing short of beautiful. The V8 motor is paired to a 5-speed manual, and wow does it move! This Porsche 928 GT is a tremendous piece of Porsche history that enthusiasts can’t help but fall in love with.

Gateway Classic Cars
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