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Toyota Land Cruiser 1977

Land Cruiser
54100 miles
VIN: FJ40245746

Step into a true retro ride with this 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser. The impressive heritage of the Toyota Land Cruiser shines through in its white exterior, evoking images of adventure-filled journeys and tranquil off-road escapades.

Step inside to experience the black leather interior of this iconic SUV, designed to offer comfort no matter the destination. Alongside a sleek and sturdy dashboard, the Toyota Land Cruiser integrates simplicity with functionality.

Powering this classic gem is an I6 engine, known for its longevity and reliability. The engine is coupled with a manual transmission, giving you full control over the ride while also enhancing the Cruiser’s off-road prowess.

What makes this 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser an even better companion are its added features. It comes equipped with air conditioning to ensure constant comfort during travel, no matter the weather. Likewise, journeys are always entertaining with an AM/FM radio in place for unlimited tunes on the go.

The vehicle has power brakes, providing safety by improving stopping performance, essential for both city driving and off-road adventures. It also features seatbelts, highlighting Toyota’s commitment to upholding safety standards, even during the car’s production era.

The 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser meshes the old with the new, offering a vintage ride without compromising on comfort or functionality. Whether you’re navigating city streets or exploring off the beaten path, this classic SUV is the pick for those who respect the heritage of the Land Cruiser and appreciate its timeless functionality and design.

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